Rayna Tours creates new LinkedIn Business Page

The company’s new LinkedIn page is now live at linkedin.com/company/rayna-tours.

Dubai, UAE – 10 September 2018: Rayna Tours announced that it has launched a new company page on LinkedIn, one of the largest as well as the most professional networking platforms on web.

Rayna Tours

The brand-new page has been mainly created to better connect with its patrons while boosting their social media communication. In fact, this will mainly serve as a platform to keep its members updated on the company’s latest news, events, accolades and new tour services and packages, among others.

The company spokesperson explains, “It’s inevitable for a business to have an active and well-maintained social media presence to engage with its audience and make them aware of the company’s latest products and services. And with the launch of this new LinkedIn page, we hope to reach out to our customers more effectively.”

He went on to say, “There will be trusted discussions around the value-packed travel solutions, as we bring you the latest industry information covering important market news, trends, events, travel tips and career opportunities. So, be a part of our network as we invite you to like, share and give your valuable feedbacks on our posts.”

Rayna Tours is very much active on other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook with close to 50,000 followers. And its LinkedIn page now contains a precise overview of the company’s accomplishments and background, along with its specialties and other details such as company size and website URL.

Visit https://www.linkedin.com/company/rayna-tours/ to join their network and get more information.

About Rayna Tours
Rayna Tours, founded in 2006, is an ISO-certified destination management company with offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Singapore, Malaysia and Pune (India). With over a decade of combined experience in different facets of tours and travel industry, Rayna Tours offers an advanced online reservation system with customized solutions and instant confirmation – all backed by a team of tour consultants with deep-rooted local knowledge and expertise.


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