Rayna Tours attended the East Africa Road Show

With the main objective to put across Dubai’s immense travel and tourism prospects to the African market, Rayna Tours participated in the Multi-Destination East Africa Road Show.

Dubai, UAE: Rayna Tours recently attended the Multi-Destination Road Show held in East Africa between July 3 and July 7. Conducted by Dubai’s DTCM (Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing), the event took place in three different locations: Tanzania, Kenya, and Ethiopia.

Rayna Tours

In its second year, the major aim of this road show has been to showcase, promote, and generate increased responsiveness on Dubai’s innovative tourist attractions throughout the significant African destinations. Rayna Tours joined 12 other key participants covering some of the most leading names in the airline, hospitality, healthcare, travel, and entertainment industries. This included Emirates Airlines, Global Village, Dubai Immigration, Dubai Healthcare Authority, Le Meridian Hotels and Resorts etc.

A spokesperson from Rayna Tours commented, “It’s for the second time we’ve had the privilege to partner with Dubai Tourism and participate in this innovative event, together with some of the industry leading brands. It created a cohesive environment, allowing us to exchange ideas and rightly bond with the attendees and market we want to reach. Overall, the five-day event which was organized across the rapidly developing African regions proved to be incredibly great.”

In an effort to set up an interactive format and convey the company’s core message and product information to a wider audience, a slew of meetings and face-to-face discussions were conducted during the event. He further stated, “With one on one communication, we were able to convince interested parties with improved destination awareness, thus promoting for the enhanced influx of African tourists to Dubai.”


About Rayna Tours
Rayna Tours, founded in 2006, is an ISO-certified destination management company with offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Singapore, Malaysia, Pune (India). With over a decade of combined experience in different facets of tours and travel industry, Rayna Tours offers an advanced online reservation system with customized solutions and instant confirmation – all backed by a team of tour consultants with deep-rooted local knowledge and expertise.


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