Rayna Tours announces XML API services to better streamline clients’ management procedures

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2014 – Through the launch of a new comprehensive suite of XML API, Rayna Tours and Travels – a leading provider of travel services in India and UAE – took a remarkable step forward to help their clients including travel firms and suppliers for a better access, management and integration of their wealth of services including tours packages, adventure tours, transfer, combo deals, desert safari tours, and more. This add-on to their services will enable customers to sync and merge data systematically, thereby promoting for the easy confederacy of the critical applications.

Further, it helps clients to benefit from the functionality of seamless integration procedures, with the plus point that they needn’t have to coach each member of their team on how to operate them. The outcome is enhanced coaction and visibleness of services while resulting in the better management of risk factors and improved productivity and scalability.

“Toting up our list of services with XML API integration elevatesthe status of Rayna Tours as an even more dynamic, flexible and valuable travel service provider. The ultimate goal of introducing this application is to deliver our customers with more options, effectiveness, and flexibility while assuring of leading edge expertise,” commented the spokesperson of Rayna Tours.


He went on to add, “Utilizing Rayna’s XML API featuring a whole host of agile tools provides you a refined technology pipeline to tap all essential resources while making them available through a single XML interface. Besides offering robust standardization potentials, this would result in streamlined workflow and improved efficiency of your IT infrastructure.

To get more information on Rayna Tours’ XML API features and specifications, please visit http://www.raynatours.com/xml-api-integrations.aspx.

About Rayna Tours and Travels

Founded in 2009, Rayna Tours and Travels is a Dubai-based destination management company, with branches in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and India. It specializes in a comprehensive suite of tours related services, from travel management, hotel booking, and visa services to adventure tours, water sports, and luxury travel arrangements. Rayna Tours also tailors packages to suit clients’ unique travel preferences.


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